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#fdroid@ oftc7095 F-Droid, the free and open source app repository (official channel bridged with on Matrix) | Public logs at | | | Development discussion: #fdroid-dev
#linux@ libera2248 Welcome to #linux! Help & support for any Linux distribution or related topic -- Rules/Info: -- Forum: -- Pastebin: -- Mastodon: -- Need an op? !ops <reason> or join #linux-ops
#kde@ libera1908 State your distribution and KDE version when asking questions | KDE Plasma 6.0.4 and KDE Gear 24.02 are out! See | | | Don't flood the channel, use a pastebin | Distro related questions go in your distro channel | Offtopic in #kde-chat | Don't delete ~/.kde,~/.kde4,~/.local or ~/.config/
#libera@ libera1802 Welcome to Libera.Chat support | Not for politics, IRC drama, cryptocurrency, ban appeals, etc. | FAQ and guides: | Need to PM staff? Find on-call staff with "/stats p" | Finding channels: | Advice for helpers:
#python@ libera1630 Anything Python is on-topic. | Don't paste, use | Questions about this channel? | CoC: | Tutorial: | New programmer? | Ops: #python-ops
#archlinux@ libera1442 Welcome to Arch Linux, | Rules: | Pastebins: !paste | | Keyring problems? pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring && pacman -Su | Join the AT-Team, NOW!
#wikicensorship@ oftc1276 Talk about Internet censorship events.
#ubuntu@ libera1109 Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: | #ubuntu supports Ubuntu and official flavors; versions 20.04, 22.04, 23.10. #ubuntu-next for 24.04 | Unofficial derivatives: Use your distro's support channel, not here | IRC info: | Pastes to | Download:
##rust@ libera1017 Unofficial channel for the Rust programming language | Don't ask to ask, just ask! | Code of conduct: | Playground: | evalr: «code» to run Rust code | Other chat/help venues: | Moderation concerns: ##rust-ops | Offtopic chatter: ##rust-offtopic
#security@ libera963 Computer, Network & Physical Security | Don't ask to ask - Include your threat model | FDE isn't everything
#debian@ libera930 Debian 12.5 "bookworm" /msg dpkg bookworm | oldstable, Debian 11.9 "bullseye" /msg dpkg bullseye | Debian 10 "buster" on limited LTS support /msg dpkg buster-lts | Debian 8 and 9 commercial support: /msg dpkg elts | NO FLOOD: /msg dpkg paste | offtopic: #debian-offtopic | testing/unstable: #debian-next | Community expectations:
#gentoo@ libera892 Gentoo Linux Support | | Can't speak? /j #gentoo-ops | Ask your question: don't ask to ask or if anyone can help | Perl conflicts? | Be nice!
#networking@ libera877 Computer Networking | If you have a question, just ask it | Advice from ChatGPT/etc is probably nonsense, prefer advice from humans | Please be friendly, helpful and respectful to everyone | More than two lines? Paste at
#bash@ libera867 | | | | | | | is down
#thelounge@ libera850 👋 The Lounge — Modern web IRC client designed for self-hosting | Latest release: v4.4.3 | | Looking for general chatter? Hop into #thelounge-offtopic
#c@ libera848 C Programming Community | Paste (>3 lines): or | Wiki: | Books: | C2X Charter: | Standard: | Off-topic: #c-offtopic | C11 trivia game: #c-jeopardy
#git@ libera827 Welcome to #git, we like graphs | Current stable version: 2.44.0 | First visit? | This channel is logged:
#emacs@ libera800 "There are few hours in life more agreeable than those dedicated to the ceremony known as customizing Emacs." --Oscar Wilde | Before helping, we need your Emacs/OS version & Kit | Emacs questions take priority over chit-chat | pastebin: | No Public Logging, racism, sexism, xenophobia, botwanking, or other asshattery
#postgresql@ libera785 Latest minor versions: 16.2 15.6 14.11 13.14 12.18 || || Don't ask to ask; just ask! || NO CHATGPT OUTPUT ALLOWED || Paste: type ??paste for list || Docs: || Off topic? #postgresql-lounge || CoC:
##programming@ libera772 Programming/Computer Science Discussion & Community Chat | Be respectful and friendly. Full channel rules: | Put pastes in a pastebin, e.g.
#hardware@ libera758 For all your computer hardware & adjacent questions. | Be respectful, no religion, politics, cryptocurrency talk, or unfair discrimination. | Rules & Resources @ | Admin problems? #hardware-ops | Offtopic? #hardware-offtopic
#subsplease@ rizon753 [+ntz] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» Website: | Packlist: |  Discord: | Please help us seed the files and report any issues you see here. »»-
#fedora@ libera747 Fedora Linux F38 and F39, F40B end-user support || Nobara not supported || Please READ: || Common bugs: || Only Use Fedora, rpmfusion and Copr Repos || IRC Feedback: || Updated F39 Live isos:
#pipewire@ oftc739 PipeWire multimedia daemon. See Latest version: 1.0.5. You must be registered with NickServ to speak (due to bot spam). Bridged to
#go-nuts@ libera731 register to speak until the spam clears up | | known issues | don't ask to ask, just ask | follow the code of conduct | use for code samples
#ansible@ libera728 * latest releases: ansible-core 2.16.6, 2.15.10, 2.14.15; ansible 9.4.0; ansible 2.9 is EOL 💀
#vim@ libera727 RIP Bram | Can't talk? Register | Vim 9.1 | Don't ask to ask! | Use :help and :helpgrep | WIKI: | PASTE: |
#lobsters@ libera686 Lobsters: a computing-focused discussion community. Our channel bot is mockturtle, don't post logs without permission, for more info.
#freebsd@ libera684 Have fun, be civilized, respect each other | Pastebin: | Etherpad: | /join #freebsd-ops for help | FreeBSD Live: #freebsd-pulse | Argue responsibly:
#openbsd@ libera681 Unofficial OpenBSD support channel; please try to stay on topic | | FAQ: | Read These Fantastic Manual Pages (hopefully we can help find the right one): | Can't speak? | 3+ line pastes? | Political discussions and other incendiary topics are unwelcome.
#weechat@ libera679 | Latest stable version: 4.2.2 | English support channel, *ONLY* about WeeChat software | Please read docs before asking! | Bug reports are welcome ONLY for latest stable or devel | Off-topic chan: #weechat-offtopic | Fingerprint: A9AB 5AB7 78FA 5C35 22FD 0378 F82F 4B16 DEC4 08F8
#wireguard@ libera669 WireGuard - Secure Network Tunnel | install: | source: | free stickers: | help us: | mailing list: | problem? send | ask amdj, mira, or zx2c4 for a tunneler cloak
#tor@ oftc646 Welcome to #tor, which is for asking questions about using Tor | FAQ: | Forum: | Developer discussion on #tor-dev | Relay operator discussion on #tor-relays | It's 'Tor', not 'TOR'
#news@ rizon609 [+CMNnptz] #NEWS - | based ufotable saving anime | bring an xdcc bot for +a (pm twi or tazmanian for access) | @/!find | Star Citizen guild: | Sign up for this virtual server crap, you'll get 2 free months of lowest tier server:
#kde-devel@ libera608 Release Schedules: | Dev wiki: | Git: | Newcomers, please read and follow the "Get involved" guide before asking questions here:
#haskell@ libera607 | Admin: #haskell-ops | Offtopic: #haskell-offtopic | | | Paste code/errors: | Logs: | AoC 43100-84040706
#docker@ libera598 Docker: Open platform for distributed applications | | | | | Registration with NickServ required:
#znc@ libera597 ZNC 1.9.0 | | | Development at #znc-dev | don't randomly PM people
##math@ libera591 Just ask your question (and show your work)! | LaTeX pastebin: | LaTeX symbol lookup: | Further info: | Related channels: ##math-offtopic, ##physics, ##statistics | Need an op? ##math-ops | LLMs are off-topic for ##math.
#raspberrypi@ libera585 not even the Unofficial RaspberryPi IRC channel, not even "Blessed" by the Foundation. Note: Family Friendly chat please. Rules:  Pi Stock:
##electronics@ libera568 | Introductory electronics eBook: | Battery information: | Soldering: | Welcome to electronics! | <HexaCube> fuck I'm stupid, sorry | <shan> I'm gonna end up in the fucking topic again arent i
#nixos@ libera557 ✨ NixOS 23.11 Tapir ✨ || || || Latest NixOS: || Latest Nix: || We're also on Matrix: (Spaces) /
##chat@ libera557 Welcome to ##chat, a social and offtopic channel for sensible conversations. Mind the language. | THIS IS A POLITICS-FREE ZONE! You have been warned. | Rules: | We reserve the right to remove annoying people | Free Speech: | Operators can be found in ##chat-ops
#mesonbuild@ oftc556 Discussion about the Meson build system | 1.3.1 is out | You must be registered on IRC or connected via Matrix to join due to spam.
#neovim@ libera554 neovim is a great text editor | | | Matrix bridge is down, most hang out in the main chat:
#C++@ libera545 Standard C++ specifications and code. || Current standard: ISO/IEC 14882:2020 (a.k.a. C++20) || || pastes: || stats/logs: || other channels: #c++-general #c++-basic #c++-social #geordi
#systemd@ libera535 Version v255 released | Online resources
#alpine-linux@ oftc533 Alpine Linux, the secure lightweight distro | release 3.19.1 is out! | slow channel, ask your question and wait for a response. :) This channel is logged:
#oftc@ oftc531 | OFTC's public support channel. Our social channel is #moocows | Do NOT paste spam when reporting it | Want a cloak/vhost? See |
#debian-next@ oftc521 testing → trixie | you may need to debug sometimes | faq: | ongoing transitions: | multiarch fun: /msg dpkg multiarch failures | NO FLOOD: /msg dpkg paste | /msg bots NOT people | offtopic → #debian-offtopic | oldstable, stable → #debian | can't talk? /msg NickServ help register, /msg NickServ help identify

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